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New and Improved

Reconstructed from the ground up to be extra tough for skateboarding, Vans introduced their all new Skate Classics. To celebrate the launch of the all new line, we went out with Vans team rider Marco Kada to produce these videos for Blue Tomato.

Framing and Composition

The brief was simple: create four 45 second individual videos for each shoe which could be used across a number of social media platforms like as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram..

The challenge, however, was to take the footage we shot from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio and then create 9:16 videos that could then be used for Instagram story for example. So lens choices and framing was essential for every single shot on this project.

The Skate Era
The Skate Old Skool
The Skate Slip-On
The Skate Authentic

End Product

Traditionally, skateboarding is not produced with the thought in mind of being viewed in the 9:16 aspect ratio, which was intriguing to us and we were up for the challenge. Once we completed the four edits were re-framed in the 9:16 aspect ration to ensure we got the look we set out to achieve.



Blue Tomato

Directed by

Vincent Kelsey


Marco Kada


Vienna, Austria

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