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Recycled Wedding Dress E and W Couture


Location Scouting

Working on a project like this, we knew from the beginning that the dress reveal location for the film needed to be special. One of the first places that sprung to mind was The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The other option was Richmond Park and if we were lucky we could get some shots with the deer as well.

Upon weighing up the pros and cons on both locations, we decided to shoot the dress reveal in Richmond Park. The contrast between light and dark, mixed in with all the fallen leaves on the ground would be the perfect combination for the backdrop we were aiming for. 


Finding a photographer to match our style and aesthetic was always going to be challenging. We had a clear vision in mind and after doing a deep dive and looking through many portfolios, we were super excited to meet and then work with Matt on this project. The result speaks for itself.

The Magic at Dusk

Every now and then, when you're out shooting on location, something magical happens. We knew we were in the right place for a beautiful sunset and, on the day, it surpassed our expectations. The contrast between the golden sunlight and the mixture of shadows were beautiful and we knew the fashion film would be special.