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New Beginnings

With the relaunching of Jahson's solo career, this project offered a number of unique opportunities. We had to develop a solid concept for the music video, create video assets to tease the single release, create the single cover artwork and all the social media assets across all platforms to give it all a cohesive look and feel... 
we were really excited to sink our teeth into the project.

Location Scouting

After speaking with Jahson and listening to the song, we knew immediately we wanted to shoot outside and take advantage of the summer light and find a location with a nature feel to it.


Best case scenario, we would be able to find a location that gave us a location for the water, tall grass and beach scenes with the ability to shoot everything without having to load up and move on to the next location which we knew this would be challenging...

After visiting a number of locations we ended up choosing a location next to the Danube. We had all the locations we were looking for all within a few minutes walking distance from each other and would be perfect for what we were aiming for.